Tuesday, January 11, 2011

P90X/BBL hybrid: Day 1

Day 1

Chest & Back (52 min)
Ab Ripper X (16 min)

I woke up late yesterday, so I had to squeeze in my workout after 9pm. Yuck. So I did Ab Ripper and the first half of Chest & Back. In my experience with P90X, if I don't do Ab Ripper first, I won't do it at all. It's not fun, but it's short. Don't underestimate Ab Ripper - it's a brutal 16 minutes. Here's what it includes (reps are noted):

In & Outs (25)
Seated Bicycle (25)
Reverse Seated Bicycle (25)
Seated Crunchy Frog (25)
Crossed leg/Wide leg sit-ups (25)
Fifer Scissors (25)
Hip Rock 'n Raise (25)
Pulse-ups (25) - the only one I can do with no breaks
V-up/Roll-up Combo (25)
Oblique V-ups (25)
Leg Climbers (12 each side)
Mason Twist (40)
Cool down (upward dog, child's pose)

So that's Ab Ripper X. Your abs should be burning after this. You definitely feel this the next day.

Chest & Back is mostly push-ups and pull-ups, and go you through the workout twice. Here's what it includes:

Warm up
Standard push-ups (max reps)
Wide Front pull-ups (max reps)
Military push-ups (max reps)
Reverse Grip chin-ups (max reps)
Wide Fly push-ups (max reps)
Closed Grip Overhand pull-ups (max reps)
Decline push-ups (max reps)
Heavy Pants (12-15)
Diamond push-ups (max reps)
Lawnmowers (12-15 each side)
Dive-Bomber push-ups (max reps)
Back Flys (12-15)
Cool down

I do all of the pull-up/chin-ups with resistance bands on one knee. I don't have any doors that I can mount a pull-up bar to, so I work with what I have. For push-ups that are too difficult, I do them against the wall or on my knees to help me get a few reps in. Despite how difficult it is, it's actually one of my favorite P90X workouts.

So do you think you could do this?

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