Friday, January 14, 2011

P90X/BBL hybrid: Day 4

I owe you an update!

Day 4

BBL Sculpt (50 min)
P90X Kenpo X (56 min)

Sculpt was a good workout. You need 3-5 lb handweights for the workout. Leandro goes through very typical strength moves (curls, extensions, presses, squats, etc.), but he leads you through the exercise at different paces. You go slow - "up one two, down one two", then you go regular speed - "up one down two", then he has you hold and pulse little exercises. He also incorporates lots of muscle groups at the same time. For example, one exercise is a bicep curl into a shoulder press, then slow the resistance down and then you put the weight on the ground for a deadlift. Incorporating lots of muscle groups aids in calorie burn because of the extra cardio you're getting.

Kenpo is one of my absolute favorite P90X workouts. It's a mixture of karate and kickboxing, and is super fun so you hardly realize how much time has passed. Here's what it looks like:

Warm up (I actually hate the warm up on this one)

Twist/Pivot (25 each side)
Twist/Pivot with Hook/Uppercut (25 each side)
Jabs (30 each side)
Jab/Cross (25 each side)
Jab/Cross/Hook (25 each side)
Jab/Cross/Hook/Uppercut (25 each side)

Cardio Break - run 30 sec, jump rope 30 sec, jumping jacks 20 sec

Step Drag/Hi-Low Punch (30 each side)
Jab/Cross Switch (20)
Hook/Uppercut Switch (20)
Knee Kick (30 each side)
Ball Kick (30 each side)

Cardio Break

Side Kick (30 each side)
Back Kick (25 each side)
Three-Direction Kick (18 kicks per side)
Side Lunge with High Sword/Low Hammer (15 each side)
Step Drag/Claw/Low Punch (25 reps)

Cardio Break

High Block (30)
Inward Block (30)
Outward Block (30)
Downward Block (30)
Star Block (16)

Cardio Break

Front Shuffle with High Block/Low Punch (25 each side)
Knee/Back Kick (15 each side)
Front & Back Knuckles/Ball Kick/Back Kick (10 each side)
Hook/Uppercut/Low Side Kick (10 each side)
Elbow Series (30)
Vertical Punches (100 + bonus reps)

Cardio Break

Cool Down

I love love love Kenpo!

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