Thursday, March 24, 2011

enough is enough!

I've decided!

So, I've been frustrated with the fact that I've plateaued since Weight Watchers switched to their new PointsPlus plan in November. Slowly since then, I had kind of given up on my weight loss. I just thought, "This is as good as it will get for me."

Well, Monday I found myself driving home from school eating a Payday bar, where all of a sudden it hit me. WHAT WAS I DOING?!? A candy bar?? Sure, it was just a candy bar. But not to me. To me it was the culmination of a long-overdue smack in the face/kick in the butt.

I got home and weighed myself the next morning. 193.5.


That's a 7-lb gain from where I was. That's 7 lbs in the wrong direction. Not good.

I want to nip this in the bud! I NEVER want to go back to the old habits, the old me. The old me was unhappy, self-conscious, and always brought down by comparing herself to others. The old me never felt worthy or good enough for anyone. By the grace of Jesus am I now a woman who is happy, confident, worthy, and good enough.

I'm pumped and motivated again!

Here are my NEW before pictures!
(my face is red in the first set because I just finished a workout... haha!)

(ugh.... that swimsuit back shot is NOT attractive!!!)

I'm trying to set up as many avenues for success as I can. I've written down some goals and a workout schedule for the next three months, which will be my 1-year anniversary (June 25).
I've also switched to WW etools for the next three months, so that's a big change for me - not having my meeting there to help me.

I've applied to be a contestant on Win, Lose, or Blog, which is a 7-week weight loss competition through blogging. They'll announce the contestants on March 28th, and their 4th season of this competition will start on April 1st. I hope I get chosen, but even if I don't, I'm in this till the end!

I just wanted to share a few inspiring quotes from one of my favorite shows - The Biggest Loser.

The first one comes from Courtney. I love her drive and her enthusiasm!

"What I want to say to all those average women of America is that I've lost almost 200 lbs and you can do this. You can lose this weight just like I have. Just one step, one day at a time, one choice at a time - and you will get there." - Courtney (Biggest Loser, season 11, week 11)

This next one comes from Olivia and her encouraging husband.

"You know sometimes you approach a wall and you know this is the point for me where I usually give up. You know, in the past when I've plateaued before, I've just kinda given up... it's the time where, 'This is as good as it gets for me.'" - Olivia (Biggest Loser, season 11, week 12)

"Well, I just know how strong you are... Be strong for you. Be strong! You are strong! When you see the wall, just look at that wall! You don't turn away from it! And keep going and you say, 'You are not going to win over me! I am going to win!' That is who you are! Because I know the end of the story, and I know that you make it. I know you better than anyone else." - Olivia's husband

Amen, right? Those words from Olivia's husband sound like they could have come from the mouth of Jesus. I hope you are encouraged by this as much as I am!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love this post, Jenn. This is great. Thanks for being so candid. I've felt that way lately a bit, too. I mean, I feel like I'm literally wasting my personal training sessions I've signed up for because I only make it to the gym one other day a week and I binged all week. Today I asked myself - WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

    Stay strong!!! It's hard! But we can do it!

  2. Hi there! I found you via the WLB blog. I applied for this season, too. I hope we both make it! :)

    Best wishes!